About Comtineo

Comtineo is a provider of tailored and specialized communication systems and maintenance programs for enterprise and utility markets throughout North America and the Caribbean. Drawing on the collective knowledge and expertise of our team, we understand specific market demands and make the necessary adjustments in technology and market strategy to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

You see, we understand the dynamic environment in which our clients do business –perhaps more so than any of our competitors. We know that one set of communications solutions DOES NOT fulfill the needs of everyone, and this is why Comtineo is a leader in providing custom solutions that truly address the expressed needs of each specific customer organization.

We take a unique approach to solving client problems … an approach with details tailored to meet the demands of each customer. Through the development of a highly repeatable model, Comtineo integrates a client’s needs into a proven system that not only addresses those needs, but applies a process by which we optimize the reliability of your system.

From the onset Comtineo decided that we would personally attend to every network critical concern. We dispatch OUR highly skilled personnel to your site – never a 3rd party contractor – and we remain on site until a solution is affected. It is by attending to even the smallest detail we can deliver an unrivaled level of service.

We encourage you to Contact Us to learn how we can put our expertise to work for you.