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As the smart phone becomes the norm, and Carriers endeavor to meet ever-growing demand for data loads, efficient back-haul is vital. To meet the demand, advanced base station infrastructure combined with greater site density makes low-cost microwave back-haul a logical choice when faced with the slow build of wireline carriers. Comtineo responded to this demand; creating a customized commodity offering highly influenced by predictably established standards – at the foundation of which is attention to detail.

While carriers market the front-haul component as their strength, at the end of the day the network is only as strong as its weakest link, the back-haul, and it is on that more critical component of the network where Comtineo applies its strength, knowledge and focus.  

Comtineo is in a unique position to provide highly skilled teams, familiar with all aspects of even the most obscure microwave network at moment’s notice. Our “Tiger Teams” were built upon a foundation of engineering expertise and layered to include tower skills. This “Engineering First” approach enables methodically managed and rapidly restored system outages.

From Structural Analysis to Permitting to NTP, Comtineo has the experience to self-perform. Comtineo applies its expertise to provide a number of system-critical services:

  • Microwave Network Planning and Engineering
  • Cabinet Engineering and Integration
  • Antenna System Installation
  • Fiber Installation and maintenance
  • DC Plant Maintenance and batter replacement

In addition, Comtineo provides a series of Services designed enhance overall network operations. We encourage you to Contact Us and learn more about all the Services we offer.  

High Frequency Trading

Comtineo has an established business model that regards secrecy, confidentiality, and intellectual property as central to success or failure. By offering the most secure services in the industry, with multiple layers of defenses, we enable High Frequency Trading Firms’ the ability to protect and isolate their physical and intellectual property, as well as their personnel. The Company’s ability to leverage its personal and industry connections allows it to develop relationships with other major business participants.

Comtineo possesses capabilities beyond network construction and maintenance. Specifically, a strong microwave engineering base now partnered with an expanded workforce, positioned well for offering network latency optimizations; the final frontier in the low-latency space. Comtineo engineers have many years of experience designing microwave networks, extending back to the early days of microwave. This, combined with new knowledge of low-latency networks, makes Comtineo the premier provider of such services.

The High Frequency Trading market presents a plethora of unique challenges. From a moment’s notice maintenance requirement, to rapidly changing design criterion. HFT firms have network performance and efficiency standards, not otherwise found throughout the Microwave Backhaul space. Comtineo’s specific experience in this area provides a complement of services to meet these requirements.  

In this market space, reliability is not enough. Latency is not just a function of inherent equipment latencies, but borne of path indirection. The shortest path between two points on the earth is the Geodesic line and that is the line an optimal HFT network must follow. At time, however, any number of factors can prevent that action – frequency, tower, and geography just to name a few. While we are unable to create new frequencies or alter physics, one must think entrepreneurially. One can build towers where they do not currently exist. One can negotiate for the purchase of existing licenses. The possibilities are endless if one is willing to think outside the box and take the time required to fully consider all possible options.  

It is with Comtineo you find a partner who performs these critical services providing a stronger, more efficient network. Contact Us to learn how we put our expertise to work for you.

Critical Infrastructure

  • Energy 
  • Power Utility
  • Gas, Oil, Pipeline, and Exploration

When a power utility relies upon their microwave network, not just for enterprise data, but for the operation of the power grid; reliability is vital. Comtineo serves clients in these markets with high-level knowledge and expertise to ensure ongoing network consistency. 

Contact Us today and learn more about Comtineo’s ability to expertly maintain and manage the infrastructure critical to your operational success. 

Law Enforcement and Municipal Government 

Municipal Microwave networks designed for Video Surveillance purposes possess extremely unique challenges related to design and long term reliability. Comtineo understands these challenges, and provides the knowledge and expertise to ensure ongoing optimal functionality

Often these networks are established with monies from grants, with little budget earmarked for long-term maintenance and optimization. However, high-quality engineering is necessary to minimize long terms costs

In a time when funding options for such networks are narrow, Comtineo offers flat fee, interval based maintenance programs to support a predictable Total Cost of Ownership.

Contact Us to discuss the needs of your network, and to learn how Comtineo uses its expertise to enhance and ensure long-term reliability.