Approach - Custom


Comtineo recognizes that this is not a “one size fits all” industry. It takes a truly different attitude to succeed where common methodologies may not work, and this is what sets Comtineo apart from the others.

Comtineo strives to provide a hybrid of the Commoditized and Managed Services model. This custom approach provides highly efficient and cost- effective services by implementing advanced project controls, rapid response, and high quality work and equipment.

Our teams approach each project with a directive not to just solve the problem, but preform an in-depth root cause analysis to determine the impetus of the problem. Once the cause is discovered we create and install a program designed to prevent future issues while enabling optimized system operation.

When reviewing previously installed systems, the Comtineo team uses its custom approach to re-energize others’ solutions to ensure optimized service moving forward. We believe in our system because we know it works, but the difference is that we integrate the needs of the customer into that system in order to implement procedures that address your specific needs.

To learn how our custom approach to systems implantation can benefit your operation please Contact Us. We are confident our customized model and expertise will exceed your expectations.