Approach - Expertise


Comtineo understands that success is not a function of any one thing, but rather the sum of the things we do well. When clients contact Comtineo for consultation and assistance they benefit from an unparalleled arsenal of knowledge and experience from a wide range of industries including design and manufacturing, international finance, investment banking, law and more.

With more than a combined 100 years of experience, Comtineo principals continue to apply new and emerging technological advances to the development and implementation of systems solutions. They understand specific market demands and make changes in technology and marketing strategy to meet ever-changing customer requirements. 

From the most basic two-way system to the most complicated trunking or simulcast protocols; or multi-hop/multi-state microwave networks, Comtineo applies every relevant aspect of education, experience and current information to generate custom solutions.

A highly vetted team of technicians, tower climbers and engineers provide the hands-on expertise when site visits are necessary. No matter how obscure the system or equipment in question, Comtineo invests the time to ensure its personnel are properly trained so as to deliver the desired result.

Whether a small glitch or major outage, the entire Comtineo team applies unrivaled expertise to putting systems back on line quickly and efficiently. Every technical staff member is trained by the relevant component provider, and is intimately familiar with equipment designed and manufactured by the same provider.

Comtineo’s product quality, competence and expertise within the communications industry meets and in most cases exceeds that of much larger companies. Clients can be confident they receive the efforts of professionals who apply every resource available to deliver superior results.

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