Process - Discover


In order to effectively serve our clients Comtineo employs a process designed to optimize and enhance systems operations for both the immediate and long-term. Our holistic approach demands that we thoroughly immerse ourselves into even the smallest detail to ensure superior results.

Discovery begins with a comprehensive inspection of a client’s system from tool box to towers, connections and everything in between. Even the most obscure systems and equipment is analyzed with knowledge and expertise by highly-skilled technicians and engineers, as it is only through this discovery stage we can fully comprehend the demands of the system, its capabilities, and the shortfalls that prevent optimal operation.

Discovery demands that Comtineo make note of any exceptions, reporting those to the client, and following up with a discussion, planning and implementation of a mitigation strategy. Comtineo ensures the staff we dispatch to attend to a client’s system is specifically trained and knowledgeable on that particular equipment, assuring a depth and breadth of expertise few others can offer.

A thorough discovery of every client’s system is critical to developing a strategy for minimizing and eliminating outages and overall optimization. From inventory and storing of appropriate tools and fixtures, to assignment of knowledgeable and experience personnel, the holistic approach we take to client care begins with the Discover process.