Process - Manage


The Comtineo holistic-approach to client care goes beyond returning downed networks to service and waiting for the next outage call. Our process includes a management element, which we apply to ensure on-going functionality and user satisfaction.

Armed with the intimate knowledge of a system through initial discovery and regular, on-going maintenance, Comtineo applies its team’s vast expertise to create opportunities for system optimization.

Yet another, equally important, feature of this management element is our careful control of the work performed at a client’s site. All scheduled and un-scheduled visits are carefully tracked in order to maintain full control of costs, equipment inventory and network operation. Comtineo maintains on-going communication with all key client-specified personnel to ensure all efforts made on behalf of the client are both appropriate and warranted. Our clients always have the final say.

To better understand how this holistic approach will benefit your network we encourage you to Contact Us. We are confident our expertise will exceed your expectations.