Process - Service

Services Done Right

Regardless of the call, Comtineo takes the time to do the job right … the first time.

Comtineo is committed to providing a superior level of service both in responding to client inquiries and calls for maintenance or repair to their system. To meet this commitment our service technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Following the initial Discover process Comtineo designs and implements a Service Schedule to ensure appropriate care is provided and the on-going functionality of a client’s system. Comtineo takes an engineering-centric approach to the resolution of system issues and maintenance. This is best described as the following:

  1. When an issue arises we first take corrective action to restore service. 
  2. Next, a “root cause” failure analysis is performed and a report generated.
  3. Using the report’s findings a plan to implement changes for improvement is implemented.

To ensure service of only the highest quality Comtineo demands that every staff member is trained by the provider of relevant components, intimately familiar with equipment designed and manufactured by the same, and fully certified or licensed to perform the work assigned.  

In most cases, a highly trained and certified team is available for dispatch and arrival on-site within 6 hours to most locations served via corporate aircraft.

Provided here is but a fraction of the Comtineo service commitment provided to every client. We encourage you to Contact Us to gain a better understanding of the full extent of our service capabilities.