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Comtineo strives to ensure your system exceeds user expectations and suffers far fewer equipment failures and outages through the application of detail-oriented service, maintenance and optimization measures. 

Through intimate system familiarity, customized plan design and implementation, and system-specific inventory of tools and parts, Comtineo applies industry-leading knowledge and experience to optimize the effectiveness of your system. 

Comtineo stores customer-specific components so that the proper equipment and personnel is on hand to affect appropriate actions. No other manufacturer in the industry offers this level of service. Through thorough study and familiarization of client systems, Comtineo executes a highly-successful, repeatable service model designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of your equipment. 

Contact Us to learn how Comtineo can optimize your system. We will exceed your expectations in order to ensure your system exceeds user demands. Our very best is always at your service.

Engineering Services

Site acquisition

Site acquisition – Comtineo provides full site acquisition service including but not limited to: searching for and locating the optimal site for your needs, site surveying and working with the site owner to negotiate a lease.

Link engineering

Link engineering – We utilize the latest cutting edge software and techniques to develop reliable and easily maintained microwave links.

Coverage Analysis

Coverage analysis – Using state of the art software and tools Comtineo explores all coverage options, guaranteeing a system that meets customer expectations.

Line of sight / Obstruction analysis

Line-of-sight / Obstruction analysis – Comtineo believes in a do it once and do it right attitude. This drives Comtineo to take every precaution and identify all possible problems before a link is deployed. We ensure that all new links are verified via visual means before a link is deployed, virtually eliminating the risk of surprises during the construction phase.

Tower mapping

Tower mapping – Comtineo offers a full suite of tower mapping services. Using state of the art laser technology these services are performed in a fast and cost efficient manner.

Structural analysis

Structural analysis – Comtineo employs some of the top engineering firms in the country to perform quality analysis. Our industry relationships allow for good communication and often expedite the SA process.

Project Management

Project management – Comtineo offers full project and construction management services tailored to meet the need of each individual customer. We understand how important smooth and efficient communication is to any project, and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Network Topology

Network topology – From the early stages of development to full scale deployment, Comtineo can design, build and implement all aspects of your network. Overseeing the project from start to finish creates economies of scale and virtually eliminates communication inefficiencies and potential oversights.


Optimization – Comtineo takes an unconventional approach to optimizing systems. Rather than employ the traditional troubleshooting process that often serves only as a “band aid,” we perform a full root cause failure analysis to identify the source of the problem. Comtineo designs a solution that not only corrects the current fault but aims to eliminate future issues. This surgical approach to failure analysis allows us to uncover issues other firms have overlooked.