Services - Installation


Throughout our time spent interfacing with a client’s network, Comtineo constantly looks for opportunities to strengthen the system. In our efforts to optimize overall functionality Comtineo expert technicians and engineers identify elements upon which to build a stronger, more reliable network.

As industry experts we are not satisfied with merely meeting the needs of our clients. Our highly-trained, highly-knowledgeable teams are always looking for ways to apply emerging technologies to existing systems, or pioneer new paths to greater output. As guardians of your system we strive to:

  • Build system stability  
  • Build network reliability
  • Build user confidence & satisfaction

Whether this requires maintenance, retrofitting, updating or a complete system overhaul, Comtineo is committed to building a system that exceeds expectations and preforms as designed.

To take advantage of Comtineo’s commitment to excellence please Contact Us and learn how we can put our expertise to work for you. We look forward to creating something very special with you.

Installation Services


Cable – Comtineo takes great care in the selection and installation of all the cable we install. We understand that this segment is a critical backbone to our customers’ systems and, if selected and installed properly, should rarely become a reliability issue. From the selection of the cables used to the connectors employed, quality and proper installation is paramount to constructing an issue-free network. All of the RF, fiber and network cabling that we install is first tested with state of the art equipment to guarantee it meets or exceeds the customer’s specific needs.


Antenna – Comtineo puts great thought into the antenna installation process. We take steps to utilize the correct geometry and hardware, ensuring a safe, trouble free installation. Through experience we developed a knowledge base that allows us to safely install antennas that resists the effects of Mother Nature as much as possible.

Grounding systems

Grounding systems – Comtineo places value on this often overlooked step in the telecom installation process. From proper component selection and installation, to deep systems analysis we take great care to provide proper grounding systems.

Permitting / zoning

Permitting / zoning – As part of turn-key installations, Comtineo takes a project through every step of the management process, which includes overseeing the permitting and zoning needs of each project from application through approval.

Parts procurement and logistics

Parts procurement and logistics – From vendor selection to warehousing and logistics management, Comtineo employs a full suite of process and logistics management skills to ensure timely and efficient parts delivery.