Services - Integration


At its core, Integration Services involves taking a system or solution engineered by Comtineo for a specific customer and applying it to cabinet of equipment – making it ready for use and implementation as needed. However, the breadth of our service allows for a greater level of expertise and attention to detail. 

To build and integrate a custom cabinet of equipment we take the steps necessary to ensure all that is included meets the specific needs set by our Engineering Department or the customer. In doing so we:

  • Create a full set of highly-detailed  Architectural and Engineering drawings
  • Identify efficiencies
  • Make quality improvements (i.e., custom design and produce cable assemblies)
  • Implement an easily repeatable system to ensure all cabinets are built to spec

Some parts we manufacture, some we obtain based on specifications, but the final configuration is built and integrated to ensure every cabinet contains the exact parts and tools. 

To learn more about the Comtineo commitment to detail please Contact Us. We are confident you will recognize the benefits for your network. 

Integration Services

Cabinet design, assembly and testing

Cabinet design, assembly and testing – Comtineo utilizes a full laboratory environment enabling us to create custom cabinets from design to delivery. Employing highly skilled technicians and a full suite of lab grade test equipment, we build and install “Carrier Grade” equipment cabinets. These cabinets not only meet precise engineering specifications, but also employ many groundbreaking features never before seen in communication equipment cabinets. In addition to our precise, innovative engineering and assembly, we run a full system test before any equipment ever leaves our lab. This assures smooth installations and enables us to identify potential issues in an environment that allows for fast, efficient lab solutions, rather than attempting corrections in the field, saving valuable time.

Thermodynamic management

Comtineo takes the design phase of a project a step further by examining all of the systems we create thermally. This allows us to mitigate field failure of equipment due to thermal stresses. We also employ innovative solutions to keep customer equipment warm or cool, depending on the current outside temperature, even in the event of a full HVAC system failure.

Custom cable fabrication

Custom cable fabrication – Comtineo employs a team of engineers that examine all cabling needs during every step of the engineering process. We then create detailed drawings and specifications for each and every cable introduced into a system. This allows for a repeatable process and consistency across all the cables we produce.

Component Selection

Component selection – When integrating any of the systems that Comtineo creates, we place great emphasis on the selection of proper components. We analyze many important criteria, including: cost value analysis, ease of use, features, maintainability, and overall quality of the product to select components. We also have the ability to design and produce custom component solutions to meet client-specific needs. In fact, we love to hear our clients say “it would be great if that component could…” Often times, we can produce or modify a component that makes the customer’s idea a reality. These situations allow us to go the extra mile for our customers, a mile others are unable to travel.