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As is the case with every aspect of our operation, Comtineo applies a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to the service and maintenance of client systems. Comtineo takes the time to inspect and test even the smallest detail in order to do the job right.

Applying an engineering centric approach to the resolution of systems issues and maintenance, our first goal is to take corrective measures and restore service in the event of an outage. Once the system is operational our team preforms a root cause analysis to determine the cause of the outage, and create a plan to implement changes that will prevent a reoccurrence of the same problem.

Preventative maintenance is preformed, in the form of scheduled progressive service visits, in an effort to build system familiarity, make note of possible future failure modes and execute measures to mitigate the same. These visits further enable our teams to ensure the proper parts and tools are in adequate store in the event of an outage so service is restored promptly.

In order to provide the highest levels of maintenance Comtineo inventories a comprehensive test store, of which all equipment is maintained in compliance with calibration standards and NIST records. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive and system specific inventory of parts to support typical and extenuating outage parameters. Inventory is closely monitored and replenished quickly when required.

Comtineo services and maintains even the most obscure systems or equipment, ensuring our personnel is specifically trained on that particular equipment.

Our response availability to client calls is second to none. Comtineo service technicians and engineers are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On-site response is typically available within 6 hours anywhere in the Central and Eastern United States.

This is but a glimpse into the superior maintenance services provided by Comtineo. To learn more about how we put our expertise to work for you please Contact Us and we’ll be in touch promptly to discuss your needs.

Maintenance Services


Inspections – Comtineo offers a full line of inspection services. We handle any type of inspection from site inspections at the ground level to full compound and tower top inspections. Our highly trained field engineers leave no stone unturned to identify potential issues before they result in outages.

Interval based routine maintenance

Interval based routine maintenance – Comtineo provides customers with a full suite of maintenance services. Our routine maintenance activities are tailored to each customer’s needs. We create and schedule a custom maintenance plan that fits the needs of the network. We also work to augment a current maintenance plan, as needed. Our maintenance services range from simple cleaning and filter changes to battery maintenance services and equipment replacement.

Root cause failure analysis

Root cause failure analysis – Comtineo believes that simply replacing a bad component is not enough. We perform an analysis to determine why a component failed and identify the steps necessary to prevent future failures. This analysis is discussed with the customer to select the best solution for risk mitigation.

Emergency repair

Emergency repair – When it comes to emergency deployments, Comtineo takes a different approach than most companies in the telecommunications industry. We have crews with highly trained technicians that analyze an emergency outage situation from our headquarters. Often we know the cause of an issue before we deploy to correct it. This approach saves valuable time, ensuring we have every possible part with us when we arrive on site. Our engineers self-perform the analysis along with the repair. In addition, our engineers continuously learn about our customers systems. We remember past issues and work to eliminate the common failure modes. We care about our customers’ networks and pride ourselves in providing fast deployment and minimizing system downtime as we work to optimize the network.

Parts warehousing / dispatch logistics

Parts warehousing / dispatch logistics – Comtineo is capable of storing a full complement of customer spares in our warehouses. With our database driven CRM we dispatch equipment quickly and accurately.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery – During a disaster Comtineo can deploy any manner of network monitored backup generators and tools to sites for extended periods of time. We also have access to portable towers and a myriad of other equipment that allows us to bring your systems back online in times of major disaster. We also maintain corporate aircraft, allowing us to get to almost any site in the country within hours of the event.